Posted by: reformedmusings | August 6, 2010

If you can’t innovate, litigate – old media survival technique

I have to admit that I’m not easily shocked. But when I went to one of my favorite blogs after a short absence, I found myself dumbfounded. The Armed Citizen’s bloggers, Clayton Kramer and David Burnett, are being sued by a professional copyright litigator. The suit has no merit on its face, but the threat of lawsuits often results in settlements because defending them can be very expensive. Please read the details of this sad situation, and follow the links, here. This post has some additional background on the old media newspaper behind the suits and the company actually filing the suits.

Old media just doesn’t get it. Rather than innovate and change with the times, old media struggles to hang on by using baseless litigation as an income source. Make a clear statement and contribute to The Armed Citizen’s defense fund. Help defeat the old media who behave like leaches that try to suck the innovative lifeblood from the future of real journalism. And if you advertise in or subscribe to any of the newspapers linked here, quit them and get your prorated money back. Stand for freedom and against nuisance lawsuits. Help make a difference.


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