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Common pocket knives banned in NY

So you thought that odious gun control in violation of our 2nd Amendment was the extent of the creeping government removal of your basic, inalienable human and civil rights? Guess again. The New York County District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr., has launched a shakedown of retailers for selling common pocket knives. He’s demanded 6-figure payments from retailers to avoid prosecution. In Philadelphia we called these types of shakedowns a protection racket, which were run by organized crime. So it seems that the NY Country DA has joined the ranks of organized crime.

The absurd basis for this shakedown is a ban on “gravity knives” in the NY statute. Real gravity knives can be opened solely by the tug of gravity on the blade. Originally issued to German paratroopers in WWII, they are virtually gone from production. Later models could be opened with a flick of the wrist assisted by gravity.

However, the NY County DA has reclassified virtually any knife that can be easily opened (hence useful as a tool) as a gravity knife. This expands the definition to about 80% of the pocket knives bought in the USA today. One can hardly walk the streets of Virginia without seeing these common knives clipped to pockets of vast numbers of citizenry. Vance’s shakedown defies any shade of logic, which is apparently optional in NY government.

Fortunately, the Knife Rights folks are prepared to assist in defending retailers shaken down by the DA. Unfortunately, a number of gutless retailers have already folded and paid the extortion money.

Don’t think that it ends with retailers. NY has gone after innocent citizens before, and I’ve heard of at least one arrest of an ordinary, law-abiding citizen charged with possession of a common pocket knife mislabeled as a “gravity knife”. NY is going the way of the UK.

Remember that tyrants cannot tolerate citizens with God-given rights. Tyrants must dispense and dispose of rights at their own, governmental whims. Never forget that a government that has the power to grant you rights is powerful enough to take them away. That’s why our Declaration of Independence asserts:

…that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights… [my bold]

Noble words, but increasingly endangered. If you live in NY, it’s time to call/contact your elected representatives and put an end to this madness.



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