Posted by: reformedmusings | June 20, 2010

World Cup 2010 Obama style – Rob the U.S.A. of its accomplishments

It seems that Koman Coulibaly, the incompetent referee from Mali, took the Obama approach to World Cup officiating – blame America first, last, and always. An awful series of referee calls plagued the U.S.A while the ref gave Slovenia pass after pass for illegal holding and tackling. Yet, the U.S.A. brilliantly came back against Slovenia with Landon Donovan and Michael Bradley each scoring a goal and the team generally dominating in the second half.

Then, in a masterfully executed play, despite three of its players being bear-hugged or tackled by Slovenia in the penalty area, Maurice Edu scored a third goal to take the lead for the U.S.A.! But Referee Koman Coulibaly couldn’t let that happen, so he disallowed the goal. No reason given, no reason ever found. Replay after replay only shows three Slovenian players fouling U.S.A. players. No replay shows any U.S.A. penalty – none.

Under the prehistoric FIFA rules, Koman Coulibaly doesn’t have to explain his call. He’s apparently not man enough to apologize. There’s no way to challenge his incompetence that was glaringly on display throughout the game. If FIFA has any standards at all, Coulibaly will never ref another World Cup or FIFA game again. But don’t hold your breath.

Bottom line, the U.S.A. team was robbed by a moron from Mali. Coulibaly’s name should be immortalized as an unapologetic incompetent. Phrases like “he just pulled a Coulibaly!” when an official totally blows a call in any sport.

Blame America first – the battle cry of Obama and Coulibaly, the latter being the Official Moron of World Cup 2010. Maybe Coulibaly should take up community organizing. ACORN is probably hiring…



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