Posted by: reformedmusings | April 24, 2010

Short Lower Merion webcam case update

Yesterday I relayed that the administrator in charge of the laptop webcam surveillance program finally agreed to have here home computer inspected and also give a deposition. This after having months to wipe any trace of illegal or immoral activity from the computer.

Now it turns out that she’s not turning the computer over to an independent investigator, but to investigators hired by the school district. These are the same investigators that said that none of the 56,000 webcam pictures taken from students’ laptops produced any “inappropriate” images. It’s hardly credible that one can take 56,000 photos from inside homes and bedrooms and not capture something “inappropriate”. This could be a case of where the school district truly gets what it paid for.

All these machines should be turned over either to the FBI or an independent crime lab hired by the court. Then we’ll know beyond reasonable doubt that the results don’t serve the interests of the school district.

On a side note, I read the pleadings by the parents opposing the Robbins’ legal strategy and seeking to limit the financial liabilities of the negligent school district. Let me make it clear that I’m not a fan of lawsuits and American’s first knee-jerk reaction to trouble being to call a lawyer. However, in this case, the blatant spying on children in their homes and bedrooms cries out for a substantial response. Anyway, the core flaw in the opposition’s pleadings is that apparently they believe that none of their children have been targeted or injured by the webcam pictures. So it seems that those who have suffered no harm are trying to affect the outcome for those who have alleged direct harm. Maybe in the blood-sucking world of high-priced litigators that makes sense, but it doesn’t pass the common sense test. One wonders how they’d feel if it turns out that some of their children were photographed in a state of partial dress or worse by the IS administrators or someone else in the school district.

Again the question: Where were these high-priced legal piranha when the school district personnel were secretly taking 56,000 pictures of their neighbors and their neighbors’ children? Why didn’t they demand a comprehensive use and responsibilities agreement for the laptops and webcams? Probable answer: They didn’t care until their wallets were endangered. Is there any wonder why lawyers rank near the bottom of the public’s credibility list?

Taking personal responsibility – try it! It may or may not make you rich, but you might earn someone’s respect.



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