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PCA SJC upholds complaint against NW Presbytery and Leithart

You can read the details on Jason’s blog (HT: Greenbaggins) and download the report here. I appreciate Jason’s and his brothers’ hard work on this issue in NW Presbytery and his heart in this situation, but I respectfully disagree with a couple of details.

First, people expound on how brilliant Dr. Leithart is. I respectfully disagree. He writes a lot of stuff, but I personally have been unimpressed. If that’s what Dr. Frame thinks passes for “cutting edge Biblical scholarship” then I can only assume that the cutting edge lies largely beyond the scope of orthodoxy. If Leithart is as brilliant as everyone says, then he should be able to clearly see how his views are out of accord with the Westminster Standards. I’ve pointed out several on this humble blog over the years. Many others have as well, to include many in  his own Presbytery. The ultimate cut for me is that Leithart doesn’t even work in the PCA, but works out of bounds for the CREC! To paraphrase Forest Gump: “Brilliant is as brilliant does.” I just don’t see it.

A truly godly man wouldn’t drag his denomination through a pointless court case when those resources could be better used to spread the gospel at home and around the world. I’ve made this point time and again. The inane response I get from FVers is “You’re not my Presbytery.” No, I’m not. But they are stealing resources that my Presbytery and my church give to the General Assembly for the outreach of the gospel. They steal it by turning every case into a beachhead against the PCA. I think that’s sick.

If it were just my opinion, then I’d sit down and shut up. But that’s not the case. Seven orthodox Reformed denominations plus a number of seminaries and lower courts have all written reports condemning the error of Federal Vision. I link to most on the right side panel.

It is well past time for Federal Visionists in the PCA and other orthodox Reformed denominations to man up and move on to other denominations whose standards allow for their errors. The CREC immediately comes to mind. I made this statement in one of my very first blog posts several years ago, yet the only ones of whom I’m aware of leaving were either indicted or under immediate threat of indictment by the church courts. If that’s what it takes to restore the peace and purity of the church, then so be it. But, I pray that the Lord will see fit to relieve His church of this burden.

Until then, I pray for those actively struggling for the peace and purity of the PCA against Federal Visionists .



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