Posted by: reformedmusings | March 7, 2010

Fun Political Quiz

Glenn Beck used the Nolan Chart survey on his show last week. It consists of ten questions with four selections available for each. Simply choose the answer that most closely matches your opinion in the ten areas, then click on the evaluation button at the bottom. You might be surprised by your rating.

A core question arose at the beginning of Beck’s show which I found illuminating. Judge Andrew Napolitano asked: “Would you rather live your life as you want to live it or would you rather that the government told you how to live it?” How many people you know would choose the latter? I’ll be none. Yet many of those same people would like the government to make the decisions for and run the lives of others. They call themselves “progressives” but fit another name better – Marxist hypocrites.

Beck rightly points out the difference between Marxism and progressivism. Marxism desires the outcome of total government control by revolution while progressivism targets gradual changes to bring about the same result.

Here’s where I came out on the Nolan Chart:

Interesting. I would not have guessed that, as I consider myself a conservative. David Nolan, of course, is the man who started the Libertarian Party in 1971.

Anyway, it’s a fun survey and worth the few minutes required to take. You may be as surprised by your result as I was.


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