Posted by: reformedmusings | February 15, 2010

Lead suspect backing up on anthropological global warming

The plot thickens. One of the prime perpetrators of AGW is finally starting to admit that the evidence is not what it should be. For one thing, John Cristy of Climategate fame, the UK’s top “climate scientist”, says that the world hasn’t warmed in the last 15 years. Further, he hasn’t produced his temperature records because he doesn’t have them anymore. He admits that his record keeping is poor. As a reminder, that’s the “data” which Al Gore and other green socialists use for their infamous and fabricated hockey stick diagram. No one can check or duplicate the work as required by real science. Yet, we’re basing socialist policies that will cripple the world’s economy on this data? That’s not science, that’s madness.

Worse, he also concedes what real scientists have been saying all along – that the Medieval Warming Period may have been a global phenomenon. Of course it was. A dramatic local warming trend like the MWP would have a profound affect on the rest of the globe.

Yet despite all this, Cristy still insists believes in the anthropological global warming myth despite the scandal and lack of data. He’s a true believer in the cult of AGP. Even as the emperor has been shown to have to clothes, even lied and fudged data, he sticks to his fable. That’s not science, that’s delusion.


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