Posted by: reformedmusings | February 13, 2010

The winter that killed the anthropologic global warming myth

Normal weather and climate variations cover the spectrum of possibilities. The middle ages warm period is the warmest know in records. Far from the doomsday speculations of global warming mythologists, it was a period of great prosperity and helped fuel the rise of the modern middle class. The little ice age sits on the other end of the spectrum, and was marked by widespread deaths due to famine and disease. We should pray for warmer global temperatures, which is better for plant and animal life, as well as human prosperity.

However, this winter is one that should challenge thinking AGW proponents. Dallas, TX, just received 12.5″ of snow, blowing away the old record and killing power to several hundred thousand. That storm spread snow all the way to the panhandle of Florida. In fact, there’s either snow on the ground or falling in 49 states, Hawaii being the only holdout. From the article at that link:

As of early Friday morning, 67.1 percent of the U.S. had snow on the ground, with the average depth a healthy 8 inches.

Pretty impressive. And it’s not just the U.S. Rome has also seen very rare snowfall. I’ve already posted about snow across N. Europe. While all this is pretty extreme, it falls within normal climate variation.

And Northern Virginia? After yet another record snowfall, they are trucking the snow from areas because it’s blocking important intersections:

Hauling the excess global warming away in NoVA

There’s lots of stuff being written on both sides of the controversy. The bottom line is this: It’s nothing but pure arrogance to believe that man can affect the climate in any meaningful way short of all-out nuclear war. But it’s lucrative arrogance, so it continues unabated. Take Rush’s advice. If you want to get to the bottom line, follow the money.


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