Posted by: reformedmusings | February 6, 2010

Snowmageddon delivers another blow to global warming

Well, here we are again. Back in December, I posted on the last record-setting blizzard in the DC area. Today finished up yet another one for the record books. BTW, the name “snowmageddon” did not originate with the president. It came from the Capitol Weather Gang blog. I noticed that no credit was given by the pres. The source probably wasn’t listed on the teleprompter.

Now I like snow, but this is getting out of hand. Snow totals so far for this storm from the National Weather Service:

SW BALLSTON         28.0   600 PM  2/06
NNE BAILEYS CROSSR  24.1   450 PM  2/06
E BARCROFT          19.8   718 PM  2/06
ESE BARCROFT        18.0   630 PM  2/06   SNOW DEPTH
W ROSSLYN           18.0   400 PM  2/06
REAGAN NATIONAL AIRP  17.8   600 PM  2/06

SSW ALEXANDRIA      23.2   515 PM  2/06
ESE HYBLA VALLEY    23.0   430 PM  2/06
SE ALEXANDRIA       20.0   346 PM  2/06
ALEXANDRIA            20.0   400 PM  2/06
NNE ALEXANDRIA      19.5   550 PM  2/06
ESE ALEXANDRIA      19.2   515 PM  2/06

AMERICAN UNIVERSITY   27.5   600 PM  2/06
SW AMERICAN UNIVER  25.0   715 PM  2/06
WASHINGTON            18.2   441 PM  2/06   SN DEPTH

And the highest readings I could find on the list:

W ELKRIDGE          38.3   405 PM  2/06

ENE HOWELLSVILLE    37.0   505 PM  2/06

Here’s a snowfall accumulation map from the Washington Post:

From the Washington Post

Very impressive storm. Some pictures from this afternoon:

Feb 5/6, 2010 blizzard in DC area. Note the wet snow accumulation on the trees and wires. This caused widespread power outages, but the wind kept it from being worse.

Feb 5/6, 2010 snow accumulation on railing and general scene. Again note how the wet snow stuck to everything.

Feb 5/6, 2010 blizzard. This car was abandoned on the street. There was a partial attempt to dig it out, but they gave up.

The snow looked more impressive than the December 19, 2009 blizzard and the accumulation seemed deeper. However, I measured it at 22-23 inches, not much more than last time. However, totals ar0und the region were definitely higher.

If anthropological global warming predictions were true, winters like this would not be possible anymore. As the planetary greenhouse heats up, snow should decrease dramatically. That’s not what we’ve seen the last several years – quite the opposite.

Meanwhile, it took me about 3 hours to shovel about 1/4 of the driveway and 1/2 of one car. Tomorrow must end with a clean car, driveway, and walk. I’m already running out of places to toss the snow. Almost 2 feet of coverage across a wide area equals a lot of volume. Oh that global warming were true!



  1. […] 2 feet of coverage across a wide area equals a lot of volume. Oh that global warming were true! Snowmageddon delivers another blow to global warming « Reformed Musings […]

  2. I hope that at least a few folks in Washington will get the point now, that “global warming” is a politically motivated myth. I have family over in Harrisonburg and Luray. They’re digging out too.

  3. Hi Robin,

    “Dig” is the word of the day today. Some of the folks down by Harrisonburg got over 30″.

  4. i hate to be a contrarian, but global warming is taken over the entire globe – not over an area that IIRC was even worse 20 years ago. 😉

    Excellent and thought-provoking article.

  5. Did I mention that we’re expecting another 5-8″ on Tuesday? This onslaught never seems to end. We had 4″ last week, 6″ a week before that, 21″ on Dec 19, etc.

    BTW, England is getting buried again as well. On another blog, a pastor said that they canceled services in the UK this past Sunday as well. They also were hammered last month.

  6. […] glad you asked. I measured 12.5″ here. That was on top of the 22-23″ I already had from Snowmageddon. Given that my house and driveway are set into a hill, I had to throw the new snow an additional […]

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