Posted by: reformedmusings | January 30, 2010

Apple becomes even more proprietary

The marketing moxie of Apple continues to astound. In releasing the iPad, they have again retreated to a totally proprietary system while selling as a step to freedom. George Orwell would be proud. Like the early Macs, the iPad even runs a custom CPU – the A4. Apple has reasserted its absolute control over its customers.

Tom Foremski has a nice piece with his astute thoughts at ZDNet in Apple becomes more closed with each device… His article dovetails nicely with my previous iPhone post here. Apple went so far as to sue Psystar out of existence to keep Mac OS from being installed on non-Apple hardware. Apple isn’t just closed, they’re anti-open. Yet people who hate Microsoft won’t think twice about buying from Apple, which is way worse. That’s great marketing.

Far from the road to freedom, Apple is the road to total enslavement. Yet I have no doubt that the Apple fanboys will run right out and swallow the latest koolaid.

Linux – Free, as in free beer.



  1. I’m glad you’re telling it like it is. Custom CPU? Eeewww.

  2. Thanks! I just can’t understand Apple fanboys. They spend way too much on their stuff, let Apple tell them what they can run on their stuff, then act happy that they bought it. I’d be embarrassed.

  3. Considering that some of won’t even pay the *Windows* tax, Apple is way out there. 😉 I think I’d be embarrassed, too.

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