Posted by: reformedmusings | January 10, 2010

Google apparently fears radical Islamists

Here’s an interesting tidbit. I saw an article on FoxNews – What’s Islam? Don’t ask Google – that I had to follow up. The crux of the report is that Google filters unfavorable articles about Islam from its search suggestions. They showed a contrast between typing “Christianity is” and “Islam is” in a Google search. I decided to try it out with a broader sample.

All searches were done with Google Chrome. I took a screenshot of the entire browser for each search. Here’s Buddhism to begin with a fairly neutral religion:

Lots of possibilities there, many not complimentary. Christianity:

Sure enough, lots of stuff that seems tilted towards the negative. How about Judahism?

Wow, not a lot of favorable entries here either. Well, Voodoo certainly has its issues with its opponents and skeptics. Let’s see how they fare:

Wow, seems pretty positive, especially compared to Christianity. Perhaps Google doesn’t want to have any nasty Voodoo spells cast on them. How about Baha’i?

Not very favorable, but there is an entry. And Islam?

Wow, is no one interested in Islam? No one searches on it? Hardly. Clearly, historical searches on Islam are filtered out of Google proposed searches. Google says it’s a bug, but if so, it’s a very specific one centered on Islam.

Try it and decide for yourself.



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