Posted by: reformedmusings | December 21, 2009

In Washington DC, Only Cops Can Have Guns…

Apparently so that they can threaten unarmed civilians in a friendly snowball fight. Of course in DC, only the corrupt cops can be armed. DC subjects are strictly forbidden to carry firearms concealed or open. Otherwise they might be able to defend themselves from criminals, including those ending friendly snowball fights with firearms.

Oh, and note carefully that his finger looks like it is on the trigger. Must have learned firearm safety from the movies. See any evidence that he’s a cop? Is he waving his badge? No, just his gun. He really did himself proud – a product of affirmative action hiring or promotion?

This is a good example why I never cross the river except when absolutely necessary – never for unofficial reasons. I stick to snowball fights in Virginia where, at least in my experience, the police have to demonstrate intelligence and qualifications before being let loose on the street with firearms. And also where citizens’ inalienable right to self-defense is recognized.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for this bozo to be fired. Abuse of power and position are endemic to DC.


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