Posted by: reformedmusings | December 21, 2009

Global warming demonstrated around the world?

On the US east coast with a record-breaking snowstorm. Old records annihilated. The National Weather Service totals. About 21 inches at my house (see previous post here). That’s a lot of shoveling!!!

The blizzard of December 19, 2009 in progress. The storm went on for about 24 hours like this.

The blizzard's aftermath. Notice the tips of the windshield wipers are barely visible. They are standing up fully on the cars to prevent freezing to the windshields.

Click on the pictures for larger images.

Northern EuropeFrance and the UK. Snow brought cross-channel travel to a screeching halt.

Copenhagen during the farcical global warming conference. Can anyone explain how a greenhouse works to these morons?

Yep, the winter of 2009-2010 is shaping up to be as bad or worse than 2008-2009’s. Global warming, yea…

I’m now waiting for the hue and cry about “global cooling into the next ice age” to start. Wait, I think that I can hear them warming up and bringing out their stuff from the 1970’s out of cold storage



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