Posted by: reformedmusings | December 13, 2009

iPhone Syndrome

Here’s a great observational piece: How will psychologists describe the iPhone syndrome in the future? Here’s a hint: Stockholm Syndrome. I’ve personally seen these iPhone symptoms displayed in acquaintances. It’s somehow sadly amusing.

I’ve written before on how Apple represents the ultimate “company store” in the “16 Tons” sense. Apple remains bitterly opposed to Open Source in an attempt to limit competition. They want to enslave their users who, naturally, wish to defend their fanatical loyalty to a company that exploits them mercilessly (otherwise they’d look stupid?), and also excuse their product’s limitations in a pathological manner. Sad.

The irony I see is that in the first days of the Mac, Apple positioned themselves as the company attacking The Machine using a commercial of the hammer throwing rebel against the 1984-style conformity. Now, it’s Apple that enslaves its users in an economic servitude brilliantly tied to a fashion fad. I guess if you convince people its cool enough, economic slavery doesn’t look so bad. The reality is that only DRM keeps the iPhone’s economic strangle hold absolute on their users/victims. Apple has become ‘1984‘.

Choose freedom. Choose Open Source.



  1. […] at ZDNet in Apple becomes more closed with each device… His article dovetails nicely with my previous iPhone post here. Apple went so far as to sue Psystar out of existence to keep Mac OS from being installed on […]

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