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Losing the shutdown confirmation in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic

I handled fixing the scanner issues in my previous post. There are a number of minor “paper cuts” that drive me crazy in Karmic. Here’s another solution.

I hate the silly countdown timer that first appeared in Jaunty. Jaunty had an easy solution by simply right clicking on your user name, then click on Preferences, then clear the checkbox next to “Show confirmation dialog…” or some such wording. Not so in Karmic, where the closeout applet is pithed. Sheesh.

To eliminate the confirmation dialog in Karmic, type this in a terminal window:

gconftool-2 -s ‘/apps/indicator-session/suppress_logout_restart_shutdown’
–type bool true

Fixed. But…there’s a GUI front-end to gconftool and gconftool-2. It isn’t pretty, but it does work. It’s called Configuration Editor. You can find it in Synaptic or in the new Karmic Ubuntu Software Center. I haven’t played with the new software center yet, so let’s give it a trial run. Go to Applications -> Ubuntu Software Center, they type “configuration e” in the Search box on the upper right:

Ubuntu Software Center

Configuration Editor shows up highlighted. The white check in the green circle over its icon means that it’s installed. In your case it probably won’t be. Clicking on the blue arrow on the right of the highlight brings up a description of the package:


Cool. The “Install” button appears rather than “Remove” if the application is not yet installed.

I had to hunt a bit to find the Gnome Indicator Applet Session settings, but I found them under Apps -> indicator-session (so, what exactly does it indicate about the session?):


Just put the check in the box as I did, and no more annoying shutdown/logout/restart confirmation dialog with timer. There’s a whole lot more in Configuration Editor, but tread lightly.

Posts are pending on the Epson Photo Image Print System drivers, re-establishing your network printers, and the annoying 5-minute screensaver setting.


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