Posted by: reformedmusings | October 4, 2009


I didn’t have any real intent to see Zombieland last week. It looked silly – a Zombie comedy? But then I read the real peoples’ reviews on Yahoo! and decided to take the plunge. I’m glad that I did. It really is a Zombie horror-action-comedy – a well-executed mix.


Warning: Zombieland isn’t for young kids. It features significant gore and foul language. This one definitely requires parental discretion.

Zombieland is told from the point of view of Columbus, Jesse Eisenberg’s character. Columbus is a nerdy, quirky guy with lots of phobias who develops 32 numbered rules for surviving the zombies. The initial rule explanations help provide some historical background on Zombieland. The rules also provide a recurring humor theme throughout the movie. Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), who is on a quest for the last good Twinkie in the world, finds Columbus and they team up on a road trip. Tallahassee really hates Zombies, and takes great pleasure in killing them in mildly creative ways. He’s very good at it.

Along the way, they meet two sisters, Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin). I won’t go into details, but it turns out to be an interesting relationship. The four of them cruise across the country to an amusement park outside of LA for the big finish.

I have to toss in that Bill Murray appears in a cameo role. He’s hilarious as usual, and provides a comedy high point in the movie. The entire core cast does an excellent job with their characters.

Another humor element is the clever use of ordinary words and names in Zombieland context. No spoilers, but pay attention.

The movie is also a horror/adventure show as well as a comedy. Lots of zombies meet their ends here.

Where’d all the zombies originate? There are some hints in the movie about a bad hamburger eaten by “patient zero”. To me, this seemed to be poke at the e coli scare some years back. Like the Resident Evil series, the zombies are caused by a virus transmitted by being bit by a zombie. Such a bite turns one into a single-minded, cannibalistic eating machine.

The theater had a mix of viewers, including couples on dates. Everyone seemed to have a good time. The experience is definitely better if you turn the rational part of your brain off – it will only get in the way of the fun.

Last hint: Stay to the end of the credits. There’s a cool easter egg back there.


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