Posted by: reformedmusings | October 4, 2009

Coral Ridge Prebyterian Church Update

We had some conversation about praying for this situation over at Greenbaggins. For those keeping track of this painful situation, here are some recent reports. First, TE Tullian Tchividjian was retained by a congregational vote of 69%-31%, far less than the vote that originally called him.

After the congregational vote, a splinter group of at least 400 CRPC members formed a worship group for the following week. In addition, two elders resigned after they alleged that TE Tchividjian took retaliatory action against members who signed the petition calling for the congregational meeting. Previous to this, CRPC’s organist and music director left to join the breakaway congregation.

Perhaps most troubling in this affair is that before the congregational meeting, six CRPC members were banned from the church without the due process required by the PCA Book of Church Order. While we all can disagree on many things, no one gets to make up their own rules to eliminate dissent. TE Tchividjian also published a public letter that appeared to be a preemptive strike before the congregational meeting.

All this is very troubling. I suggest that we all continue to pray for all involved.



  1. wow… is there an update to this story?

    If the part about banishing members without due process is true at all, then CRPC wouldn’t qualify as a legitimate church at all under the Confessions she supposedly subscribes to.

  2. Robin,

    Yes. Those who were banished protested to their Presbytery, who upheld their complaint. Here’s a link to the news story about it. I haven’t heard anything since then.

  3. BTW, you’re right about CRPC not upholding the principles in which they claim to believe. It’s a very sad situation all the way around.

  4. Found this link too:,0,7436385.story?track=rss

    I can’t imagine why they are waiting ’til March to either restore these people or charge them with something and bring them to trial.

    Oh well… we have seen PCA churches – and even entire presbyteries – ignore the rules, jump jurisdictional boundaries to charge someone in another presbytery with heresy, etc.

    Sometimes it’s just easier to move on to another church, but it’s the LAST thing I would do unless I was sure I had BIBLICAL warrant to do so…

    In the case of the New Presbyterian Church (the breakaway group), do you think they did on the basis that a true church practices biblical discipline, CRPC did not, therefore they are “not a true church?” Or is it too early to tell yet because their Session hasn’t acted?

    What agony folks must be going through… on both sides.

  5. Thanks for the link! Sessions are only required to meet quarterly, but I’d be surprised if the Session of a church that large met so infrequently. They probably just wanted time to consider their options.

    I can’t imagine that CRPC would actually charge the six with anything. As best I can tell, they didn’t commit any ecclesiastical errors with which to be charged. Bruised egos don’t count. Plus, if they were charged and convicted of anything, it would probably be protested to presbytery again. That wouldn’t be good for anyone involved.

    Beyond feeling betrayed through the sweeping changes at CRPC, I have no idea what other thoughts NPC folks may have. Certainly the ill-considered banishment provided some motivation. It would be a stretch beyond reason to say that CRPC isn’t a true church. While the Session suffered a serious breach of judgment in the banishment, I don’t think that’s enough to lose their standing as a true church.

    Agree on the agony on both sides. Only God’s grace will get them all through this.

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