Posted by: reformedmusings | September 23, 2009

Honda’s legendary reliability crashes

I wrote here about my 2002 Accord LX whose transmission failed at 76,000 miles recently. Since that post, I Googled “Honda transmission problems” and found the AutoBeef website. They have amassed a large amount of data on a host of different vehicles. I was shocked by what I found.

The 2002 Honda Accord ranks 13th in the list of worst vehicles as defined by level of repair frequency, owner pain, cost to repair, and other factors. That’s not the worst – five Hondas fall in the top 20 worst list, led by the 2001 Honda Civic at #3 and the 2003 Accord at #7.

That’s not the only list. The 2002 Accord ranks at #15 in cars with the most problems reported. Again it keeps good company on the list with the 2008 Accord at #3, the 2003 Accord at #5, and the 2001 Civic at #6. The 2002 Accord transmission comes in at #9 amongst the most common problems reported. It seems like I have a lot of company.

Clicking through to see where the problems were reported with the 2002 Accord, transmission issues ranked first by a factor of 25 times the next most common problem. In reading through the entries, most failures reported seem to occur between 50k and 90k miles, with one as low as 21k miles. Average cost to repair a failed transmission like I suffered is listed at $2380, just over what I paid. At this point, Honda has no recall for this transmission and treatment of the issue varies widely from dealer to dealer.

I’m even more disappointed in Honda after learning that my problem was far from rare. Accords in particular seem to bear the brunt of the issues. I no longer recommend Hondas to anyone anymore. I’m very sorry that I did so frequently in the past.

You’ve been warned.


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