Posted by: reformedmusings | September 10, 2009

6.8mm SPC AR-15 with Aimpoint Micro T-1

I discussed my AR-15 build in this post. Well, I ordered and received my Aimpoint Micro T-1 Red Dot optic. Because the Micro is so small, it actually needs a lift off of the flattop receiver to shoot naturally with a good cheek-weld on the stock. So along with the T-1, I ordered a LaRue Tactical LT660 Tall Mount especially made for mounting the Aimpoint Micro sights on AR-15/M4 platforms. The LT660 comes with a quick-disconnect mounting setup for Picatinny rails – very sweet. Here’s the combination from LaRue’s site:


I ordered mine from Erin at Keilser Police Supply, who gave me a great deal at TREXPO East. Keisler only sells to military (active or retired) or law enforcement who can produce credentials, and I enjoyed working with Erin.

Aimpoint sweetened the pot for me as well. I had a very long chat with Tom, Aimpoint’s law enforcement/military support, at TREXPO. He recommended the LaRue mount, which he had on one of his demo carbines at the show. This optic/mount combination will provide 1/3 co-witness with backup iron sights on a flattop AR-15/M4 – my next project for this carbine.

So, after attaching the T-1 to the LT660, using a little blue Loctite (included with the LaRue mount) on the threads to keep it tight when fired, I mounted it on the AR-15:



Very nice setup. At just 3 oz for the optic without the mount, it doesn’t add significant weight to the carbine.

I chose C Products magazines (25-round pictured). They make them tough from stainless steel and use non-tipping followers. I bought them from MidwayUSA, one of my favorite suppliers. I met the C Products folks at TREXPO (although I bought the magazines months before), and they really stand behind their products.

Aimpoint designed the Micro T-1 with zero parallax and 1x optics for two-eyes-open use. This provides excellent, quick acquisition of targets while maintaining situational awareness. The dot is 4 MOA, so it’s big enough to easily pick up on a quick snapshot. With practice, both-eyes open becomes natural and you don’t even notice the optic housing – you just see the target and the dot. 4 MOA sounds big, but I was consistently nailing silhouettes at 400 meters shooting offhand in Sweden with a Micro T-1 mounted on an H&K G36 carbine (5.56mm). Piece of cake.

The Micro T-1 will run continuously for 5 years on a setting of 8 (out of 12) with a single lithium watch battery. So, you could leave it on all the time for a ready, home-defense setup. It’s made of aluminum and very tough. In fact, Aimpoints are used by militaries around the world, including ours. Because of its small size and light weight, you can mount Aimpoint Micro sights on anything from pistols to shotguns to hunting rifles.

Next step is to find some nice backup iron sights to mount on the Picatinny rails. I have a rear sight a friend just gave me. I prefer an AK-style hood on the front sight. I’m leaning towards a Troy sight, but want it with a quick-disconnect mount. First, the finances have to recover…



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