Posted by: reformedmusings | July 4, 2009

Independence Day thoughts on selling our freedom

Happy Independence Day to all in the U.S.A. who work for a living and produce wealth! The vision of 1776 seems like a long-past dream these days, along with the values that made this country great. We once appreciated that sacrifice, hard work, and diligence brought prosperity. Now, we see on the one hand that scam artists robbing people of their life savings through bogus investments, and on the other hand the government is robbing our future with trillion dollar per year deficit spending and confiscatory taxes.

For anyone paying attention, we’re seeing the effective use of Alinsy’s Rules for Radicals by Obamessiah’s lap dogs. Che Obama’s character assassins are masters of the politics of personal destruction. The issues are irrelevant, only personal attacks count. Against the myth of Global Warming? Against abortion? Want to keep your civil rights under the 2nd Amendment? Serve honorably in the military? Then you’re a potential enemy of the state. Reminds me of George Orwell: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Few seem to remember that governments don’t create wealth, they can only take it away and destroy it. Socialism has failed miserably every time it has been tried. The Germans are implementing tax cuts to rebuild their economy while we’re taxing and spending like there’s no tomorrow. Even the Russians are laughing at our rapid decline into socialism. Yet, the Democrats seem incapable of learning from history.

Who is John Galt?

The economy’s decline continues to accelerate, not for want of trillion dollar stimuluses, but because of them. The decline of housing values is starting to starve the plethora of entitlement programs. Unemployment has risen past Obamessiah’s promised 8% maximum to 9.5% and continues to increase. And still, Obama’s minions push a bankrupting destruction of our health care system, a system which is the envy of the world even with its imperfections.

Politics trumps science. Congress seems poised to pass the largest energy tax in history based on the myth of global warming. The EPA has even suppressed opposing opinions within its ranks. You can download the banned Carlin/Davidson report here. The effects of the proposed legislation, already passed in the House, will devastate this country’s economy.

So, on this 233rd anniversary of our independence, we need to relearn the lessons for which our predecessors shed their blood. Our freedom wasn’t secured by exercising our free speech, although that contributed. It was our guns, guts, and faith in God which won our freedom, freed others around the world, and fueled our prosperity for two centuries. The worthlessness of naivete and empty words is coming home to roost with the despotic regimes in North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela. Rather than the “big stick” that Teddy Roosevelt recommended, Obama’s impotent foreign policy carries a limp nerf bat.

May God have mercy on us and restore our sanity and our greatness.



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