Posted by: reformedmusings | July 3, 2009

Installing 64-bit Adobe Flash support into Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04

UPDATE: I updated my script linked below for Flash I’ll try to keep it updated for new versions as I discover them. Romeo also updated his script,  so this post still represents a complete solution.

UPDATE 2 (12/9/2009): I updated my script below again, this time for 64-bit Flash Romeo hasn’t updated his script yet, so I’m temporarily hosting an update to it here.

Adobe released an alpha version of its Flash plugin for Linux back in February (that update was Feb 24, 2009). Normally, an alpha version would best be avoided by ordinary users because “alpha” designates a very early build that probably isn’t stable. However, in this case, a  huge number of users have tried it for months and have very few issues with this build. I was seeing occasional crashes due to the 32-bit Flash plugin under the excellent nspluginwrapper, so I decided to give Adobe’s 64-bit alpha a try.

Important safety tip: All vestiges of Flash Player must be removed from your system before installing this update. This can be a pain, but thankfully Romeo Adrian Cioaba actually wrote a script to automate the deleting of the old Flash and installation of the new. He published the script contents in the form of instructions on his site as well. If you don’t use nspluginwrapper for anything else, simply download and run Romeo’s script.

However, I also use Adobe Reader 9.1 for Linux through the Medibuntu Repository. Reader 9.1 isn’t available in 64-bit yet, so it must use nspluginwrapper to work in 64-bit Firefox. Consequently, I modified Romeo’s script slightly by removing all references to nspluginwrapper. I made the modified script available here.

So, the easy way to get 64-bit Flash support in Ubuntu is to download either Romeo’s original script or my modification to a temporary directory on your hard drive. Your directory name will vary, so I’ll assume that it is located in the /home directory. Then, close out Firefox. Next, make the script executable. From a terminal, type:

chmod +x ~/

or for the modified script:

chmod +x ~/

Now simply run the script as root from your home directory:

cd ~
sudo ./


sudo ./

That’s all there is to it! Restart Firefox and you should be running 64-bit Flash support. Works like a charm here. If it didn’t, I couldn’t have typed this post into WordPress.

Now we can lobby for 64-bit Adobe Reader support…



  1. Thanks!! I need to use acroread as well.

  2. You’re welcome! There is a 64-bit version of the Adobe reader as well. Look for acroread in the 64-bit medibuntu repository.

  3. […] their 64-bit Flash Player for Linux (HT: OMG!Ubuntu!) to version I updated my script in this post to match the new file name to simplify the upgrade. I haven’t used the new Flash version long […]

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