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US Abortion rate put into perspective

I wondered how abortion would rank in the death statistics for young children. The reason is that someone on the radio said that the most dangerous place for a child in America was inside their mother. It struck me that that’s a testable hypothesis.

The latest death data for children I found at the CDC site with a quick Google search was for 2005. On the CDC site, I found that the overall death rate from < 1 year olds from all causes (except abortion) was 693 per 100,000 population. I used the table there to back out the total population of < 1 year olds used in their calculation:

28,440 * 100K / 693 = 4.1M

I found the 2005 abortion data on this site. Using the 4.1M population figure calculated above, I added the number of aborted children to get a true total population:

4.1M + 1.21M = 5.31M

With this population combined with the AGI abortion stats of 1.21M, I calculated the baby death rate due to abortion:

1.21M * 100K /5.31M = 22,787

So, the death rate due to all causes (not including abortion) for children < 1 year old in 2005 was 693 per 100,000. The death rate for babies in the same year in abortions was 22,787 per 100,000.

Looked at another way, in 2005, 42.5 times more children died in abortions than from all other causes combined. Sobering.

These calculations clearly show that the most dangerous place for a child in the US is indeed inside its mother.

Another reference is even more sobering. Hitler and his Nazis murdered 6M Jews plus about 6M others (politicians, communists, gypsies, the mentally ill, etc.) for a total of 12M people. Since 1973, Americans have murdered about 49.6M preborn babies, over 4 times the number of people murdered by the Nazis.

The American Holocaust. Think about it.

On the other hand, those who’ve had abortions can repent and find the graces of forgiveness and healing in Jesus Christ. Only Christ can provide the peace that surpasses all understanding. Jesus forgives all who turn to Him and trust in Him alone for their salvation. No exceptions.



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