Posted by: reformedmusings | May 9, 2009

Star Trek

I just saw the new Star Trek movie. Two words: See it!

The story line is tight and compelling. It looks, sounds, and feels like Star Trek. The action is almost non-stop. The CGI effects fit the story and scenes appropriately and look superb.

The characters and their personalities fit with their future selves in both the old TV series and the later movies very well. The movie takes a few liberties, but they are few and don’t affect the primary story line. The actors did a super job with the action and dialog. Sylar as Spock worked very well, as did all the actors individually. They clearly studied their predecessors well to pick up even some of their mannerisms.

The dialog pays homage to the Classic Star Trek without trying to be the old Trek. It injects the kind of humor that fits the classic Trek characters and the scenes, but is also funny on its own. Everything feels…well, comfortable.

This movie is excellent science fiction, set in a not-terribly-distant future. It incorporates the timeless human elements of revenge, adventure-seeking, loyalty, courage, initiative, and innovation. If you’ve never seen a Star Trek show or movie before, you’ll still enjoy the movie. The only thing that you’ll miss are the homage lines that tie back to the TV series. In that respect, it takes a similar approach to what Get Smart did.

The musical score fits the scenes well, and is also excellent. I stayed through the credits just to listen to the rest of the music, which helps tie the past and future together.

Looking back, it seems incredible that an innovative TV series that only lasted 3 years – from 1966 to 1969 – has continued to spur interest and entertain us over 40 years later. Those 79 episodes spawned five more series and 11 movies – right up to today. Amazing!

In the end, this Star Trek is its own movie and stands on its own merits. It ties to the past series  without trying to be that past/future. It masterfully mixes adventure, humor, sci fi settings, and the human condition into a satisfying and entertaining story – with a few surprises. It should be seen on the big screen, so get out there and see it!



  1. Saw it last night. I’m going to write my thoughts on my blog later but damn!

    I agree with everything you said.

    I have about 3 minor things that I have issue with being a purist but damn!

    Two words: See it!


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