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Michael Bloomberg lies about guns and Virginia Tech tragedy

As kids, we used to have a saying – there’s nothing lower than the belly of a worm at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. It turns out that we weren’t correct. Current New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg stooped lower. He’s lying about and exploiting the Virginia Tech tragedy for his own personal crusade against our civil rights under the 2nd Amendment.

The Winchester Star lays out the details in their article Again – Bloomberg targets guns, Virginia. Bloomberg funded and pushed TV commercials in Virginia that exploit the families of some victims in the Virginia Tech shooting. But the families spout Bloomberg’s lies by saying things like their lost family members would be alive if Virginia closed the so-called “gun show loophole.”

There are at least two major lies in that statement: 1) Murderer Seung-Hui Cho bought his guns legally at a regular firearms store and passed the government-mandated background check because mental health folks failed to report him. Then-Attorney General Bob McDonnell worked quickly to resolve that issue. Gun shows had nothing to do with Virginia Tech. 2) There is no “gun show loophole”. Dealers at gun shows must conduct all the background checks at gun shows that they do back at the store.

As the Winchester Star points out, the real target in Bloomberg’s sights is the private sales of firearms. Bloomberg wants the government to trample our civil rights and regulate our lives to the point of regulating personal transactions. Basic human freedoms are Bloomberg’s targets. He seems to think that lying about Virginia Tech will bamboozle Virginians.

In addition, Bloomberg wants to derail Bob McDonnell’s bid to be the next governor of Virginia. Why? Bad blood. A few years back, Bloomberg hired private investigators to break the law in Virginia. In 2007, following a series of Bloomberg-sponsored undercover “sting” operations at gun shops in states including Virginia, Virginia  passed a law prohibiting the Bloomberg practice of sending out civilian investigators who deliberately attempted to simulate straw purchases.

In a letter to Bloomberg written April 13, 2007, McDonnell left no ambiguity about the Mayor’s actions:  “As you know, the U.S. Department of Justice recently wrote to you that such activity is counterproductive to legitimate law enforcement efforts to police illegal firearm trafficking, and has potential legal liabilities.  Representatives of your Office have apparently suggested publicly that they may continue such simulated firearm transactions in Virginia perhaps with a view towards further litigation.  The new legislation passed this year at my insistence and signed by Governor Kaine, makes clear that such non-law enforcement activities related to undercover illegal firearm purchases will be punishable as a felony in Virginia.” The current TV ads are Bloomberg’s attempted payback for McDonnell holding him accountable for facilitating criminal activity in Virginia.

Let’s remember one more thing about Virginia Tech – it was and remains a victim-disarmament zone. Law abiding citizens at VT are literally sheep ready to be sheered by any nutcase with a chain saw. Some tried to change that after the tragedy, but gutless Governor Kaine was cowed by the flaming anti-gun crowd. Had even one student in the targeted building had a legal concealed firearm, the outcome could have been greatly improved.

New York City has some of the most onerous gun restrictions in the country. Yet, the entire Commonwealth of Virginia has a lower violent crime rate (269.7 per 100,000 population in 2007, 283.4 in 2005) than New York City (609.7 per 100,000 population in 2007 calculated from 50,453 violent crimes and a 8,274,527 population, and 673.1 in 2005 reported) by far. And that doesn’t count the murders of unarmed civilians by the NYC police department. Washington DC’s gun restrictions are even worse, and yet their crime rate dwarfs even NYC: a whopping 1414.3 per 100,000 population in 2005. If Virginia guns were the problem, and/or if more guns = more crime like Bloomberg claims, shouldn’t Virginia’s crime rate be much higher than New York City’s or Washington DC’s? That’s simple logic if Bloomberg’s lies about guns were true. But Bloomberg is lying. Like 38 other states, Virginia’s must-issue concealed carry laws result in greater violent crime reductions per year than states/locations with heavy 2nd Amendment civil right restrictions like Chicago, Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, etc. It’s simple logic that criminals go where they aren’t likely to be shot by their intended victims – criminals don’t want to be shot.

Of course, it has been well-documented that every public mass shooting in the U.S. has occurred in a gun-free zone (i.e., victim disarmament zone) where self-defense was literally outlawed. So in a relatively free state like Virginia, a crazed murderer like Cho chose a safe-for-murderers gun-free zone to carry out his criminal mayhem. He was crazy, but apparently not stupid. Bloomberg, on the other hand, appears to be just plain stupid. Or maybe Bloomberg prefers a Cuba-style police state to the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.

So, Mr. Bloomberg, please take your lies back to New York City and leave the free people of the Great Commonwealth of Virginia alone. Clean up your own house by allowing law-abiding citizens to freely protect themselves and their families from violent predators. We’re doing just fine with our 2nd Amendment civil rights here in Virginia, thank you.



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