Posted by: reformedmusings | April 19, 2009

Obama unashamedly perpetuates his Mexican gun lies

I saw Obama’s remarks in Mexico where he repeated the lie that 90% of recovered guns in Mexico came from the U.S. Not only did he lie, he later stood by the lie. I already posted on the data in Obama parrots caught lying on Mexican guns.

Foxnews reports that Obamessiah stands by his lies. Rather than tell the truth, Obama equates “recovered” with “traceable”. According to Obamessiah’s parrots:

By recovered he means traceable, guns traced back to the United States,” McDonough said. “These are ATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) numbers. These are the guns submitted to the ATF for tracing. That’s what we mean by recovered.

Obviously, socialists don’t own dictionaries. That must be there excuse for lying, because teh two words are not even related in the real world. I’m reminded of another famous liar who quibled over the meaning of “is”.

Doublespeak anyone? The Orwellian nightmares come to fruition more every day. It doesn’t stop until we are all slaves to an all-powerful socialist state without the means to resist that our forefathers guaranteed us. That’s change all right. Stalin would be proud.



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