Posted by: reformedmusings | April 15, 2009

Profiling veterans a wider problem

I wrote about how the Department of Homeland Security is profiling returning veterans as potential right-wing terrorists in this post and this one. Foxnews has followed up on the fallout. Calls continue for Napolitano to resign, but don’t hold your breath. All we get are disingenuous platitudes. Meanwhile, veterans, anti-abortionists, gun owners, those who believe in the 9th and 10th Amendments of the Constitution – all in opposition to Obama’s socialist, bankrupting policies –  are all profiled as threats. Stalin would be proud.

This is bad enough. But the Wall Street Journal published The Veteran, which documents Penn State University’s official slur against veterans.

PSU created a set of training videos for teachers on how to handle problem students. They created a strawman – the angry, unstable veteran – who makes  a teacher “uncomfortable.” OOOOh. Here’s the film:

I’m ashamed to say that Penn State is my alma mater. I lived in dorms and attended classes with a host of veterans, many from the Viet Nam conflict. If anyone had a reason to be angry, it was Viet Nam veterans who were scorned by liberals for their sacrifices. But it was intolerant liberal students as well as frats that caused all the trouble while I was there. The veterans just lived their lives quietly and studied hard. The #1 thing people learn in the military is a disciplined approach to life and hard work to achieve their goals. Employers value veterans for just those reasons. Veterans haven’t burned peoples’ houses or tried to injure or kill workers like ELF, attack people on the street like PETA, or attack researchers’ homes and burn medical labs like animal rights extremists. Veterans put their lives on the line to preserve our liberty while semi-anarchist, left-wing wackos make a mockery of the rule of law. Where were the training videos on them?

One has to wonder why Penn State didn’t have a video for a Wahhabi Islamist who thinks women should be personal slaves and condone honor killings. Or a radical homosexual who threatens classmates with AIDs-infected needles. No, we don’t have to wonder. PSU doesn’t have the courage and hides behind PC to avoid dealing with real threats. I had an Islamist in one of my classes. While espousing extreme Islam, he lived with his girlfriend and drank with us in the bars. That’s pretty much what the 9/11 hijackers were doing before they murdered almost 3,000 office workers.

Penn State pulled the video when they started to get protests from veterans. The video may be gone, but rest assured that the staff’s attitudes remain. I’ll bet they even wonder why I won’t send them a penny. Go figure…



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