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Update on ABC’s anti-gun sham experiment

I commented on ABC’s lies in this post, but I have an update. There is another good post on MyFoxDC called 20/20 botches gun story on purpose. It turns out that there was a much more realistic experiment done in 2007 on potential armed citizen intervention in a public mass shooting.

Jack Rumbah, an instructor at Suarez International, conducted a more realistic experiment, still using Airsoft pistols. You can read about it in detail at this link (pdf file). I’ll summarize it briefly here. Instead of ABC’s approach of picking college kids and giving them unfamiliar pistols in unfamiliar holsters, none of whom ever carried concealed, Rumbah used airsoft shooters with their own equipment. ABC used a professional firearms combat instructor as the mass shooter, and even worse, one who knew the armed citizen’s exact location in the room. Rumbah used another volunteer who had no idea where the citizen defender would be. Much more realistic.

In addition to the no-warning scenario, Rumbah went further to simulate a roving active shooter. In that case, people in other rooms can hear the shots in other rooms and had time to prepare. Those seconds to prepare were available in virtually every public mass shooting, and made a huge difference in countering the active shooter in the experiment. Even without using firearms, forewarned students were able to disable the active shooter by throwing simulated books and chairs at the shooter and tackling him.

Before ABC ever conceived of their lying experiment, Jack Rumbah and his volunteers showed that just one armed citizen could stop a public mass shooter. There would probably be casualties, but the situation could be contained with minimal loss of life.

However, public mass shootings continue to concentrate in victim-disarmament zones where firearms are prohibited. As Dr. John Lott, Jr., explained:

For years I would tell news people about the fact that every single multiple victim public shooting in the US involving more than three people killed took place in one of these gun-free zones.

That makes perfect sense because even evil predators aren’t stupid. They want to cause the most damage without opposition. Public mass shootings would virtually end if concealed carry by law-abiding citizens were not restricted, as evil predators would know that their chances of success would be very limited.

Which goes back to the bottom line – “gun control” results in death by government for law-abiding citizens. Remember that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Or in the case of active shooter incidents, maybe 40 – 50 minutes.

Don’t become the Brady Campaign’s next helpless victim – get trained and exercise your civil right under the 2nd Amendment. Yours and your family’s lives may depend on it.



  1. […] Let’s remember one more thing about Virginia Tech – it was and remains a victim-disarmament zone. Law abiding citizens at VT are literally sheep ready to be sheered by any nutcase with a chain saw. Some tried to change that after the tragedy, but gutless Governor Kaine was cowed by the flaming anti-gun crowd. Had even one student in the targeted building had a legal concealed firearm, the outcome could have been greatly improved. […]


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