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ABC 20/20 promulgates more anti-gun lies

I am soooooo angry right now. Anti-gun ABC aired a 20/20 segment titled “If I only had a gun” last night. In their supposed answer to citizen’s civil right to keep and bear arms, they set up a sham “experiment” to supposedly see if “ordinary citizens” could really defend themselves with a firearm during a mass public shooting. As with most of their setups, it was a total sham wrapped up in lies.

ABC picked young college students with little life experience as subjects, most of whom had never handled a firearm, gave them minimal familiarization with unfamiliar pistols, gave them holsters with which they were not familiar on inadequate belts, had them carry the pistols in unnatural locations on their body and for the first time in their lives, then used a t-shirt that tangled in the holster as a cover garment, and put them in helmets with limited visibility and also stiff gloves. Then they used a professional firearms combat trainer as the supposed attacker, and he knew exactly where the armed student was sitting in the room (middle of the front row, of course). I’ll give you 5 nanoseconds to figure out how that whole thing turned out. You guessed it. ABC is utterly shameless.

To make the deception worse, they cherry-picked one actual self-defense shooting at a stop-and-rob and falsely asserted that things rarely turn out well in self-defense shootings. They also said that they could find no studies showing the benefits of being armed for self-defense. They are either stupid or blind. Or just spouting the usual liberal lies. ABC lies aren’t real life. Here’s just one example:

Many years ago, I helped a young woman defend herself against an abusive ex-boyfriend she had just left. He raped her earlier in the day then promised to come back that night to finish the job. Her dad had a shotgun he’d probably last shot 20 years before, was physically small and older, and unable to mount much of a defense. So I slept on their couch the night the perp vowed to return and kill her. Contrary to ABC’s pathetic sham experiment, I was able to wake from a dead sleep, pull and present a firearm at the correct target in an instant. I never had to shoot, as the sight of a determined, armed defender sent the coward fleeing from the scene. As usual, the cops were nowhere in sight nor showed any interest in protecting the young lady from a known domestic abuser and rapist. If I weren’t there and armed, certainly she and probably her father would both be dead. And that wasn’t the only time that having a firearm made a positive difference in an outcome in my life – every time without needing to pulling the trigger. Violent predators may be mentally defective, but they apparently aren’t stupid.

Personal experience aside, should we do as Diane Sawyer recommends when we are attacked – do nothing or just run? I wonder how the helpless students in the victim-disarmament zone of Virginia Tech would vote on that now had they survived. Dr. John Lott, Jr., in his outstanding book Freedomnomics, documents from government data that:

During the 1990’s, for example, assault victims who used a gun for self-protection were injured 3.6 percent of the time. This contrasts with 5.4 percent of those who ran or drove away, 12.6 percent of those who screamed, and 13.6 percent of those who threatened the attacker without a weapon. Those who took no self-protective action at all fared the worst – 55.2 percent of them were injured.

Doing nothing gave the worst outcome by far, while being armed provided the best outcome for the potential victim. No surprises there. I didn’t see that on ABC, and I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for it. The truth doesn’t fit their agenda.

What about data on self-defense that ABC couldn’t find? Two of Dr. Lott’s other books – More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws and The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You’ve Heard About Control Is Wrong –  contain a wealth of such information, all carefully footnoted. Another great source of information on firearms and self-defense is Howard Nemerov‘s Four Hundred Years of Gun Control…Why Isn’t It Working? Nemerov covers the history of gun control’s inevitable failures across time and from around the world. You could look to an Akron, OH, pizza shop owner. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has an excellent editorial entitled Concealed Carry Opposition is Irrational. In the article, W. Scott Lewis chronicles the unmatched success of concealed carry in Texas.

There are also good works on the other side of the equation like Dial 911 And Die and Death by “Gun Control”: The Human Cost of Victim Disarmament. Or, you could just read about the recent mass public shootings in victim-disarmament zones in Binghamton, N.Y., and North Carolina; or even Virginia Tech. One citizen with a firearm could have made a positive difference in those and other cases, but they couldn’t legally carry in those victim-disarmament zones. Violent predators don’t care about the law. The shooters had free reign, courtesy of a government that can’t read the plain meaning of “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” in our Constitution.

There is also an excellent website that chronicles the daily use of firearms in self-defense. Clayton Cramer’s excellent Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog provides a daily dose of reality for ABC and other anti-gun liars. Just like all areas of life, not every incident turns out well, but Clayton presents them incidents without filtering. And remember, these are only the incidents presented in the press. Studies have shown that firearms are used for self-defense up to 2.5 million times a year, the vastly overwhelming number without firing a shot (as in my case above). Even if you don’t carry concealed or never owned a firearm, the fact that others do and the predators don’t know who does and who doesn’t makes you safer. The government’s own statistics prove that.

So, don’t buy the lies. As Fox Mulder used to say on X-Files: The truth is out there. It just isn’t found in the liberal mainstream media.



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