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Binghamton N.Y. tragedy shows utter failure of gun control

Our hearts and prayers go out to the surviving victims and the families of all the victims in the tragedy today in Binghamton, N.Y. The existence of truly evil people in the world was clearly demonstrated by the cowardly acts of the perpetrator. The human cost of gun control was vividly on display as well.

Predictably, the gun control zealots who want to take away Americans’ civil rights under the 2nd Amendment will attempt to use this tragedy to their political advantage. As usual, they will by lying. New York already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. So-called assault weapons are banned by appearance and by specific model. Current information as I write this says that the perp used two handguns in the crime. Both handguns and handgun owners must be licensed in New York. Carrying and/or transporting loaded handguns without a license is also prohibited. I doubt that this fellow had a license to transport the loaded handguns to the scene of the crime because such permits are almost impossible to obtain in N.Y. unless you have a sheriff or judge in your pocket:

Handguns: A license is needed to possess a handgun in one’s home or place of business. Application is made to the “licensing officer” of the city or county where the applicant resides, is principally employed or where his principal place of business as a merchant or store keeper is located. (The licensing officer in New York City and Nassau County is the Police Commissioner; in Suffolk County, the Police Commissioner or Sheriff; elsewhere in the state, a county judge or some other designated judge or justice.)

The determination whether to grant the license has been held to be completely within the discretion of the licensing officer.

New York’s anti-freedom firearm laws attempt to destroy their subjects’ 2nd Amendment civil liberties. New York politicians created a safe killing zone full of unarmed victims for a cowardly murderer. The victims had no way to defend themselves against a vicious predator. That’s the legacy of gun control.

We can go on to point out that murder is illegal everywhere, as is attempted murder, assault, etc. The murderer in Binghamton was intent on criminal acts and therefore not deterred by any laws, gun control or otherwise. He openly defied some of the most onerous gun control laws in the country. Imagine that, a criminal defying the law…Oh, wait – isn’t that the definition of a criminal? Gun control only disarms the law abiding, not the criminals.

On the other hand, if New York had a “must issue” concealed carry law like 38 states do, then the receptionists or other staff in Binghamton who were U.S. citizens could have been armed. They could have intervened and limited the number killed, or deterred the crime altogether. Instead of hiding under a desk to futilely dial 911, the wounded receptionist could have shot the murderer in the back of the head as he moved on to victimize others, literally stopping him dead in his tracks. But just as at Virginia Tech and other multiple public murders, New York is essentially a gun-free zone for law-abiding citizens outside their homes, making it a safe and secure killing ground for cowardly murderers. The victims dialed 911 and died because it took hours for the cops to secure the scene. One armed citizen could have stopped the murdering on the spot.

Dr. John Lott, Jr. covered multiple murders in his excellent book The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You’ve Heard About Gun Control is Wrong. To lay it out in detail, Dr. Lott found that right-to-carry concealed handgun laws decrease murders in multiple victim public shootings by 75%, decrease injuries in those incidents by 81%, and cut the number of shootings by 67%. Those are dramatic numbers.  Dr. Lott examined extensive data records to come to these conclusions.

As Howard Nemerov wrote in the Austin Gun Rights Examiner:

In his book The Bias Against Guns, John Lott examined the relationship between gun availability and multiple murders. He concluded:

If right-to-carry laws allow citizens to limit the amount of attacks that still take place, the number of persons harmed should fall relative to the number of shootings… And indeed, that is what we find. The average number of people dying or becoming injured per attack declines by around 50 percent.

Lott also found that both the total number and rate of multiple murders in right-to-carry states are one-third that of restrictive states. In an email interview, he clarified this data by stating:

The simplest numbers showed a 67 percent drop in the number of attacks and about a 79 percent drop in the number of people killed or injured from such attacks. The number of people harmed fell by more than the number of attacks because some attacks that weren’t deterred were stopped in progress by people with guns.

These are the facts. Dr. Lott wrote a piece on Binghamton for FoxNews: Gun-Free Zones Are a Magnet for Attacks Like the Tragedy In Binghamton. It’s an informative read.

Criminals don’t care about laws. Gun control only disarms law-abiding citizens, making them helpless prey for violent predators. Put plainly, restrictions on citizens’ 2nd Amendment civil rights to keep and bear arms actually costs lives. Binghamton N.Y. is yet another tragic example. When will we learn and restore our Constitutional civil rights?



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