Posted by: reformedmusings | March 31, 2009

Obama advice for those suffering under socialism – don’t worry, be happy

I couldn’t make this stuff up. The socialist Obama government actually created a website for dealing with their economic failures (HT: Drudge Report). Amongst their suggestions:

Acknowledge that economic downturns can be frightening to everyone, but that there are ways of getting through them – from engaging in healthy activities, positive thinking, supportive relationships, to seeking help when needed from health professionals.

Work together to help all members of the community build their resiliency and successfully return to healthy and productive lives.

How nice. So, don’t worry, be happy! I suggest that a good, healthy activity would be to join your nearest tea party. And while Obama redistributes your wealth to pay for the mortgages and car repairs of those who don’t lead productive lives, you should return to productivity. Otherwise, the looters may not be able to enjoy their accustomed level of freeloading. Touching.

I propose a different solution. How about we remain true to the American dream and the Constitution by letting the producers keep their hard-earned money so that they can invest and create real jobs? Liberty cures a host of ills.



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