Posted by: reformedmusings | March 30, 2009

Government Motors

The Obamessiah, who’s never held any kind of leadership position in private industy, has taken over GM’s senior management by firing GM’s CEO. Not satisfied with that atrocious government interference in a private company, Obama is dictating the furture of both GM and Chrysler. According to CNBC:

President Obama asserted unprecedented government control over the auto industry Monday, rejecting turnaround plans from General Motors and Chrysler and raising the prospect of controlled bankruptcy for either ailing auto giant.

Not only that, but as Michelle Malkin notes, Obama demanded a Chrysler merger with Fiat.  Again, how many successful businesses has Obamessiah run? None? But that’s not all. Obama will use our tax dollars to guarantee warranties for Government Motors and Chrysler. From CNBC:

Eager to reassure consumers, Obama also announced the federal government would immediately begin backing the warranties that new car buyers receive _ a step designed to signal that it is safe to purchase U.S.-made autos and trucks despite the distress of the industry.

So, now US taxpayers not only get to pay irresponsible peoples’ mortgages, but we will also now fix their cars. All with a tax gun to our heads.

Folks, this is the very definition of socialism – government ownership of the means of production. To fire employees of a company means you run that company. To force a company to merge with another means that you run that company. To plan structured bankrupcy for companies means that you run those companies. Dictating product lines means that you run those companies.  Obama’s protestation to the contrary ring hollow.

But why limit it to the auto industry? Obamessiah’s socialist front man, Treasury Secretary Geithner, demands the ability to take over non-banking financial companies without due process. He stated:

Geithner said Washington alone was equipped to salvage an economy that has seen jobs lost and credit shrink.

“The market will not solve this. And the great risk for us is we do too little, not that we do too much,” he said.

Hear that? Only the government can save you. That’s not America, that’s Stalin’s Soviet Union. Taking over companies and banks, taking control of companies without due process, redistributing wealth from producers to leaches – folks, that’s socialism in the raw. If that’s Obamessiah’s change, he can keep the change. I’ll keep the freedom for which our forefathers fought and died.



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