Posted by: reformedmusings | March 28, 2009

Obama – The ruling radical and his Sturmabteilung

I’ve written before about Obama’s consistent use of Marxist radical Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. That was during the campaign, but the reign of terror has ratcheted up now that Obama has the power of the state behind him. He is literally printing trillions of dollars to pay off his supporters. James Carville, Rahm Emanuel (White House Chief of Staff), and their left-wing hit squad dutifully attack anyone on the right who dares critique the Obamessiah, keeping a Nixonian enemies list. Obamessiah simultaneously rides above the machinations of his minions while benefiting from their character assassinations – and all with his tacit approval. They all follow the gospel of Alinsky.

Even folks across the pond see what’s happening. Melanie Phillips in the UK wrote an outstanding analysis of our decaying political situation in Ruling By a Radical (HT: Hyscience). Her outstanding article chronicles Obama’s and ACORN’s execution of Alinsky’s Marxist blueprint by hiding behind euphemisms like “community organizing”. They start building the next Hitler Youth with Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Act, a huge stepping stone to Obama’s Civilian National Security Force, perhaps Obama’s version of the old Sturmabteilung. Like Obama, Hitler couldn’t count on the generally conservative military for his revolution, so he created the Sturmabteilung (SA; Storm Troopers), Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) to feed it and the party with loyal, indoctrinated followers, and eventually the Schutzstaffel (SS). Obama hides behind GIVE to create his own Obama Socialist Youth. That’s how you bring down a great nation that cannot be conquered from without – destruction by rot from within.

It’s also worth noting that socialist Ernst Roehm, the “community organizer”/leader of the SA and personal friend of Hitler until Hitler had him killed, was key to destroying Hitler’s political opposition in the early 1930s. Is that now Emanuel’s or Carville’s parallel role? Will John Podesta (former Clinton hit man and now CIA chief) be the next Himmler? So-called “community organizers” like ACORN and Organizing for America took on a parallel role to the SA for Obama in the last election and continue even now. Remember the Obama’s intimidation of opposition voters at the polls (remember Philadelphia). Then there’s the enemies list and Obamessiah’s loyal character executioners, Rahm Emanuel and James Carville.

Hitler learned his lessons from Stalin, the source of much of Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals adapted to the US political system. Perhaps the greatest warnings about what’s happening in the US under Obama came from George Orwell when he originally wrote about Stalinism. Obamessiah and his socialist minions sound and act a great deal like the animals in Animal Farm and the state actors in 1984. If you haven’t read those lately, you need to revisit them now. The parallels are uncanny. I’ll detail a few in a later post.

Hopefully you’re not thinking that the most mentioned authors in these grave days, George Orwell and Ayn Rand, popped up at random. Both vehemently opposed Stalinism in their writings. The fact that their books provide striking parallels to America’s direction under Obama should give every lover of liberty great pause. That Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals provides Obama’s blueprint should surprise no one.

Think on these things while you still have that right (see Thought Police) and before you make the White House’s enemies list and they make you an unperson. Once Obamessiah, Pelosi, and Reed gut our civil rights under the Second Amendment to our Constitution, the First and Fourth will be the next to quickly fall. That’s not just my opinion, but the verdict of history.



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