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Mexico, guns, and Obama socialism

By now, you’ve probably heard that Obama’s anti-freedom attorney general tried to blame the drug war in Mexico on U.S. citizen’s civil right to keep and bear arms. If he weren’t the nation’s top law enforcement official, this would just be another idiot joke. Unfortunately, this is the man that wants to gut the Constitution and disarm law-abiding American citizens.

I have posted previously on the failures of gun control in the US, UK, and Australia. Howard Nemerov analyzed the situation in Mexico in his article Mexico’s gun laws responsible for violent holocaust? He points out that Mexico forbids its subjects from owning anything above .22 caliber. Yet, they have experienced carnage at the hands of fully-automatic military arms. (Please recall that REAL assault weapons are capable of fully automatic fire by definition. Semi-automatic firearms are sporting arms, not assault weapons – irrational political rhetoric aside.)

Nemerov uses data from decidedly anti-gun sources, like the international Small Arms Survey, who say:

The proliferation of small arms and light weapons represents a grave threat to human security.

And the former UN secretary-general:

Even in societies not beset by civil war, the easy availability of small arms has in many cases contributed to violence and political instability. These, in turn, have damaged development prospects and imperiled human security in every way.

So what does their own data show? Nemerov examined their data and grouped countries into quartiles by their private firearm ownership rates. Contrary to the UN and U.S. gun grabbers’ ignorant assertions, Nemerov showed that there is a consistent inverse relationship between per capita private gun ownership and homicide rates. How about that – more privately owned firearms = less homicide. Or put more directly, the freer the people, the lower the homicide rate. Remember that the source data came from gun haters.

That shouldn’t surprise readers of this blog, Howard Nemerov’s articles in the Examiner, or of other authors like Dr. John Lott, Jr. Lott’s books More Guns, Less Crime and The Bias Against Guns. Extensive data analysis consistently shows that crime decreases with private firearm ownership, and even more where citizens can freely carry them concealed:

The data is irrefutable. Even the U.S. Justice Department could not show any effectiveness of gun control laws. Yet, despite all the evidence against gun control laws and our Constitutional guarantee to keep and bear arms, empty emotional arguments are still made to eliminate our civil right to firearm ownership. The current attorney general leads that deluded crowd, trying to blame the problems of a corrupt and inept Mexican government – where Army member routinely switch sides to supply and fight for drug lords – on our Constitutional civil right to keep and bear arms.

The anti-gun hysteria absurdly extends way beyond normal comprehension. Case in point is a deluded commander in the 101st Airborne at Fort Campbell, KY. He decided to blatantly trample over his troops’ Constitutional civil rights. Funny how men and women who put their lives on the line to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, who are trusted with fully-automatic individual weapons, machine guns, and grenade launchers, can’t be trusted with civilian weapons in their homes. Hmmm. At least the Army’s spin machine is mildly amusing. I was involved in a similar situation, but not as egregious, some years ago that I may write about if the mood hits me.

The confiscation of law-abiding citizens’ firearms in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the height of civil rights trashing that corrupt government officials are willing to go to preserve their power uncontested:

What arrogance! Louisiana apparently thought that a police state was preferable to having free men and women defending themselves and their families. The nice men who wrote our Constitution disagreed, as should we. Every individual who either ordered or participated in those confiscations should be in jail for armed assault, grand theft, and a host of civil right violations. That those thugs aren’t in jail speaks to how few civil rights we have left and how fragile they are.

Even if you don’t own a firearm, or maybe even don’t like them, remember that any government that can trample or discard your civil right under the 2nd Amendment can just as easily trample or discard any other, just as we saw after Katrina. Your favorite civil right could come next. Ask the surviving Jews from 1930s Nazi Germany. Without the 2nd Amendment, the rest are disposable good ideas at the potential mercy of an out-of-control government. Louisiana should be a wakeup call. Our Constitution specifically prevents people with badges, uniforms, and automatic weapons that they probably can’t handle, from taking our property and liberties at their whim.

Our founders established a government that was the servant of the people, not their master. Why? Because they experienced the truth that governments make fearful masters. They knew that a government powerful enough to grant rights was also powerful enough to take them away. That’s why the Constitution doesn’t grant rights to the people, but recognizes and codifies existing rights. The founders knew that we should truly fear a government that fears our guns. And so we should. Just ask the people in the video above and the others victimized by their governments run amok after Katrina.



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