Posted by: reformedmusings | February 2, 2009

An Inconvenient Debt

Glenn Beck has an brief, excellent historical perspective on the proposed “stimulus package” which will, in reality, destroy the value of the US currency and hence the economy. You have to watch this to understand the disastrous magnitude of the inflationary bomb about to be dropped on the US economy by politicians in DC.

Think things are bad now? Wait until this hits. Our money won’t be worth squat if this happens. Money isn’t like Doritos – you can’t just keep printing more. Call your senator and tell them to vote against this pork-laden, economic meltdown parading as a “stimulus package.”

Rush Limbaugh has an interesting proposal situation over at the Wall Street Journal. While I’m sure that the proposal itself is offered in some jest, his discussion cuts to the heart of the matter. The Keynesian economic theories on which the mega “stimulus package” is based have never worked in practice. They’ve been complete failures. Rather than pulling us out of the depression of 1929 as some teach, they rolled us into a deep recession in 1937. Unemployment jumped from 13.7% in 1937 to over 19% in 1938. Manufacturing plummeted by 40%. Were it not for Roosevelt’s claim that he’d keep the US out of the war in Europe, he probably would not have been reelected. You won’t read that in the New York Times or Washington Post.

By attacking Rush and trying to silence him and others who agree with Rush, Obama is throwing any illusion of “bipartisanship” or tolerance of free speech out the window along with fiscal responsibility. Rush speaks for a large population in America. The Repubican leadership had better be listening and standing up for conservative principles. If they cave and vote for this destruction of the US economy and descent into socialism, they will pay at the ballot box.



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