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Thank you, President George W. Bush

President Bush delivered a very gracious farewell address last week. The current regime already purged it from the White House site, but you can read a transcript here.


In it, he listed just a few of his team’s successes over the last eight years. Here is my short list to jog your memory:

* Quick and decisive response to the barbarian Islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 that murdered almost 3,000 Americans – Rather than bomb a Sudanese pharmaceutical plant and empty fields with cruise missiles like his predecessor, President Bush partnered with our allies to topple the Taliban barbarians who harbored and supported the al Queda terrorists. This freed almost 33 million people from tyranny and restored basic human rights to the women of Afghanistan. He then formed and led a coalition that toppled the brutal despot Saddam Hussein, freeing and bringing democracy to over 28 million people.

* Prevention of another terrorist attack on American soil – He created the Homeland Security department, forcing over 20 disparate agencies to work together; reforged the cooperation between our national intelligence agencies and law enforcement that his predecessor destroyed; and created the PATRIOT Act to prevent the Islamic terrorists from repeating 9/11. He also consolidated the intelligence community to improve cooperation between agencies and elements. Numerous potential attacks were thwarted in the last seven years.

* Supported freedom fighters and advocates of democracy around the world – He correctly recognized that free people don’t advocate or carry out terrorism, and that freedom is the a basic need of all human beings.

* Improved American education by actually holding public school districts accountable for their results – Test scores of students, especially minority and disadvantaged ones, rose significantly.

* Improved the US government by holding agencies accountable for their results – Created the Performance Assessment and Reporting Tool to evaluate government programs and agencies. Over 1,000 programs were terminated for poor performance, saving the US taxpayers big bucks (exact numbers hard to find as the White House sites are being purged – documents are disappearing as I type this.)

* Tireless support of those serving in uniform to defend this country – Personally and frequently visited wounded warriors in the hospitals without the press present (unlike the shameless and contrived photo ops of his predecessor). President Bush personally wrote a letter to the families of every fallen American warrior in the Global War on Terror. He almost doubled funding for veteran programs to keep faith with those who’ve kept our nation free. He made a number of trips to combat zones to thank and encourage our armed forces.

* Boosted grass-roots Faith-Based Initiatives to level the playing field for programs that make a real difference in people’s lives, as opposed to the government programs that build and foster eternal dependency on a big, nanny government.

* Initiated the tax cuts and policies that resulted in good economic growth in the US for seven years. Tried (unfortunately unsuccessfully) to reform the disastrous “free money” loan policies of Barny Frank, Christopher Dodd, Fannie Mae, and Fanny Mac that eventually imploded the economy and resulted in the current economic problems. Had the democrats not thwarted President Bush’s reforms, economic growth would have continued and millions of newly unemployed Americans would still have jobs.

There’s much more. Malaysian Scott Thong has a more complete list.


President Bush was equally gracious in his remarks at his welcome in Midland, Texas, where an enthusiastic crowd gathered. He is a real person and a very nice, kind, and honorable man, unlike many of the elite politicians in DC who hate him so much. You can see a short video from the welcome here on Yahoo. Typical bias from the liberal media: only FoxNews covered President Bush’s departure from DC and arrival in Texas. I found Midland’s warm welcome a heartening contrast to the mindless hatred of liberals and their toadies in the media.

History will treat President Bush far better than the radical liberals have. His accomplishments in fighting Islamic terrorism and supporting the cause of freedom around the world will shine brightly long after the Daily Kos and the NY Times have gone the way of the Dodo. Gateway Pundit and Pajamas Media both have nice comparisons between Presidents Bush and Lincoln. Amongst other things, both men are Republicans who highly valued human freedom and were successful war presidents. Those who now try to force such a comparison for themselves can claim neither distinction, nor any others.

I am proud to have served under President and Commander in Chief George W. Bush and thank him from the depth of my heart for his leadership and great service to our country and to the cause of freedom around the world. May God continue to bless him and his family in the coming days and years.



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