Posted by: reformedmusings | January 11, 2009

Eagles 23 – Giants 11

Hallelujah! It was close for most of the game, as befits a good game. The lead changed five times, with the Giants drawing first blood. It was freezing and breezy on the field,  affecting especially the passing game. The Eagles defense continues to dominate the field, giving the offense time to warm up and holding the explosive offense of the Giants to just one touchdown and two field goals. They remain the only team this year to beat the Giants in their own stadium.

What an interesting year in football. The #6 seeded Eagles, who required divine intervention to even make the playoffs, knocked off the #1 seed and reigning Super Bowl champs, the Giants. None of the top 3 seeds will play at their division championships for the first time ever.

Next week’s game against the Cardinals will be tough one. While the Eagles trounced the Cardinals 48-20 two months ago, both teams are playing much better now than they were then. Given the Cardinal’s outstanding performance last night, this promises to be a close matchup.



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