Posted by: reformedmusings | January 5, 2009

Another stake in the heart of global warming

The mainstream media happily printed eco-socialist predictions that the polar ice cap would melt entirely in 2008:

The North Pole itself could even become free of ice by September for the first time in modern history, setting a new milestone in the effects of global warming on the Arctic ice shelf, NSIDC glaciologist Mark Serreze said in late June.

Well, how did that go? Like all predictions of the eco-socialist doomsayer, not so well. The DailyTech reports: Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level As 1979:

Earlier this year, predictions were rife that the North Pole could melt entirely in 2008. Instead, the Arctic ice saw a substantial recovery. Bill Chapman, a researcher with the UIUC’s Arctic Center, tells DailyTech this was due in part to colder temperatures in the region.

Oops. There’s another global warming hypothesis that melted down (pun intended). Think Al Gore will return his prize to atone for the fraud? Me either.



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