Posted by: reformedmusings | December 28, 2008

Eagles 44 – Cowboys 6 — Woohoo!!!

Wow, the Eagles gave an ” old-fashioned butt whipping” to the Cowboys according to the legend-in-his-own-mind, Terrell Owen. ESPN has the recap. Philadelphia started today as the lowest-probability team for an NFC playoff slot. First, BOTH Chicago and Tampa Bay had to lose their games, though both were favored (thank you, Houston and Oakland). On the other hand, all Dallas had to do was win the game – they required no outside help. After the early games, the Philly-Dallas game transformed to THE decider – whoever won the game would go to the playoffs. The loser would get an early vacation.

When the chips were down, the Eagles pulled out all the stops. Their defense dominated as usual (thanks for the ball strips, Brian Dawkins!), producing their share of the points on the board. McNabb led the offense in the manner of which most of us knew he was capable. They came to play and to win. They led from the start and never looked back.

Who’da thunk this earlier this season. Philly played some great games, but also some that did not inspire. They still have the worst in-division record in the NFC East. Yet, they believed in themselves and that made all the difference. They didn’t quit, coming through when their backs were against the wall.

Next week the Eagles face the impressive Vikings in the north land, then last year’s Super Bowl champ Giants the week after. I believe, I believe…



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