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Gun sales soar in Obama’s home turf

Firearm purchases by the folks who know Obama best are soaring. In Truth In Politics: Gun Sales Boom After Election, Mike Flannery reports that firearm sales have shot up 50% in the Chicago suburbs. They lived through the Obama gun-banning of his Chicago and Illinois days, so they know what’s in store for us at the national level after January 20, 2009. Note who is saying that this is an overreaction – they’re the same ones who tried to implement Obama’s bans in Illinois! It’s always best to calm the sheep before they’re slaughtered, eh?

Supplies have become short after the election, driving prices higher. Popular sporting ammunition is either sold out or increased in price significantly in the last month. High-quality magazines for popular semi-automatic rifles are now perpetually sold out with a long back-order list. Lower receivers for AR-15-type rifles are almost completely sold out. (Example: check out this page from Brownell’s online catalog. Click on any lower receiver entry and you will see they are all sold out.) Whether the manufacturers can ramp up in the remaining time to fill the demand remains to be seen. A quick scan of discount houses like Cheaper Than Dirt shows that .223/5.56mm ammo is mostly sold out. Cheaper than dirt has the following banner on their front page:


For those that don’t know, Cheaper Than Dirt is one of the largest discount houses on the Internet. Other discount shops like MidwayUSA, The Sportsman’s Guide, and Outdoor Marksman sit in the same situation. Given Obama’s record in Chicago and Illinois, the fears are well-placed. OTOH, it’s better to have everything possible in the hands of law-abiding citizens rather than gathering dust on warehouse shelves after January 20th. Get your orders in quickly.

But, what’s the result of the bans in places like Chicago and DC? Despite their severe ban, Chicago has a record murder rate: see here and here. Although gangs are murdering at a record rate, law-abiding citizens have no way to defend themselves or their families. The violent predators, regardless of age, don’t care about and hence ignore the stupid gun bans, leaving the law-abiding at a distinct disadvantage.

In Washington DC, which largely continues to defy the US Supreme Court’s ruling against their gun ban, the murder of law-abiding citizens continues. Note that because the law-abiding cannot defend themselves, the DC police set up military-style checkpoints around neighborhoods. Like the article’s author asked, “Can you say Police State?” Here’s a longer story about the checkpoints. Note in this article that DC is also doing house-to-house warrantless searches in violation of the Fourth Amendment, as well as flooding areas with police during “All Hands on Deck” weekends. What the stupid ACLU and their friends will not see is that a police state is the only alternative when our Second Amendment civil rights are stripped from us. If we give up our civil rights under the Second Amendment, all the others soon follow. Have we forgotten the lessons from our own War of Independence? When our patriot forefathers intercepted the British headed for Lexington and Concord, the Brits mission was to confiscate firearms and powder from the colonists.

So, act quickly if you are going to get a low number in the backorder queue for firearms, parts, or ammunition. January 20th is coming quickly.



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