Posted by: reformedmusings | November 27, 2008

Still think that the police will save you?

Here’s a tragic story in which a husband and two babies lost their mother while the police and SWAT teams waited safely outside. They did everything right by the gun banners creed: called the cops, barricaded in a room, brought in a hostage negotiator, etc. In the end, she died because she had no way to shoot back and defend herself and her children.

On the other side of the country, two men were attacked and badly beaten in their backyard while barbecuing. One is in critical condition with a major brain injury. The attack lasted only 30 seconds or so. They were unarmed and thus unprepared for vicious, predatory animals to jump them from out of the woods. Cops could only clean up the mess after the fact.

As always, you can find a number of such accounts every day on Clayton Cramer’s Gun Defense Blog.

Compare all this with the idiotic statement made by a gun banner in Southern California (at the end): “The presence of a gun can escalate situations”. Oh yeah, ask the husband and two babies who lost their wife/mother about that. Or the wife and children of the men brutally attacked and beaten within an inch of their lives in their back yard. Or any other crime victim or their families. As long as people live with their heads buried in the sand, violent predators will continue to escalate their violence without fear of opposition. Sheep are tasty and easy prey.



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