Posted by: reformedmusings | November 8, 2008

Anonymous gossip mongers = cowards

Here’s a great piece by Michelle Malkin on the gutless cowards spreading baseless trash about Governor Palin. As usual, Michelle is spot on target. McCain would not have done nearly well in the election without the strength, wit, realness, and legitimate conservatism of Sarah Palin.

Let me be clear. I supported the McCain/Palin campaign. I spent hours making phone calls for the campaign. I knocked on doors to help get out the vote for the Republicans. I put up hard-earned and, at the moment, scarce cash to support the effort. Many of my friends did so as well. But listen carefully, gossip mongers: I didn’t do any of this until it was a McCain/PALIN ticket. Neither did most of my friends.

It’s no secret that Senator McCain isn’t really a conservative. That’s partly what cost him the election, in my opinion. Although I honor his service to our country, I’m not his biggest fan by any stretch. I probably would have voted for him anyway to oppose the socialist ticket, but only as the lesser of two evils. However, I would not have actually put the sweat of my brow into the campaign, or as much cash, were it not for Governor Palin on the ticket. My first contribution to the campaign came a few days after she was named as the VP candidate. That wasn’t a coincidence. Without Governor Palin, McCain was going nowhere. I hope that he knows and appreciates that.

The Republican leadership, if the Republicans can be said to have any real leadership, had better learn these lessons this time. Rather than tolerating gutless cowards trashing a rising conservative star in the party, the Republican leadership should be supporting Governor Palin and others like her with all their resources. History proves that half-baked RINOs will not motivate the conservative base of the party off of top-dead-center. Only a visionary with real conservative credentials will win the White House and Congress back from the socialists, assuming that they don’t try to eliminate elections altogether with Obama’s civilian national security force (as happened in Germany in 1934). Reagan won his landslide by tauting his clear, conservative vision for America’s greatness. We took over the Congress in 1994 with a clear, conservative vision and implementation plan. Repeat the pattern.

So, I just have this piece of advice for gutless rumor-mongers: follow or get the heck out of the way. You obviously don’t have the integrity or skill to lead. Opening your lying mouths only displays your lack of character.



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