Posted by: reformedmusings | November 3, 2008

Obama energy plan: Bankrupt the coal industry

The West Virginia Record has a great article entitled: Coal official calls Obama comments ‘unbelievable’. Here are Obama’s original comments:

This is not the path to energy independence. Fully 48.6% of US electrical production in 2007 was coal generated. Distant 2nd and 3rd are natural gas at 21.5% and nuclear at 19.4%. So, it we bankrupt the coal industry, we lose about 1/2 of our country’s electrical generation capability. Even if you aren’t directly involved in the mining, processing, transportation, or burning of our extensive coal resources, you should be very concerned if you need electricity. Great plan, Obama.

And additional coal-fired electrical capacity? Biden says “not here” meaning not in the US. Given that there’s no alternative coming in the next decade or three, where does that leave us? Anybody want to bet on Obama building more nuclear plants? Didn’t think so. So, I guess that you’d better enjoy your iPod, big-screen TV, home lighting, and electrical heat while it lasts. Under Obama, that wouldn’t be long.

So to recap, Obama would not drill the vast oil reserves that the US has under its soil and water, ready for use in the near-term. Obama would bankrupt the US coal-fired electrical-generation industry, eliminating 1/2 of our electical capacity. He’d put all his effort into alternative energy development that, if it even works, will be decades away. That isn’t an energy plan, its a blueprint for massive unemployment, increased energy costs, and destruction of the US economy.

That’s probably not a problem for Obama. He’ll just redistribute some wealth to the unemployment checks of 1/2 of the US electrical-generation industry. It’s just like magic. Of course, when the economy collapses, there won’t be nearly enough to distribute to anyone. Remember the beer example on taxes?

John McCain, in contrast, has an energy plan that will provide near-term relief and long-term research into technologies that will promote energy independence. This will preserve employment and feed our economic progress.

Vote for Freedom, vote for John McCain.



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