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Obama – the audacity of selfishness

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…now Obama is saying that if you work hard to take care of your family, want to spend your hard-earned money on your family, you are selfish. Jake Tapper captures the audacity well in his short piece Obama’s New Attack on Those Who Don’t Want Higher Taxes: ‘Selfishness’. Tapper nails the bottom line:

It would seem to be, given the themes of Rand’s work, what happens when independent achievers are demonized.

Which would fit with this description of those who want to keep their hard-earned tax dollars as “selfish.”

Obama’s demonizing those who oppose his socialist policies as selfish fits perfectly with the socialist Rules for Radicals playbook. I told you to watch for the plays. Please consult Rule 5: ridicule your opponent. This tactic is especially useful if you don’t have any factual point to make. Obama doesn’t. He ridicules the idea of his socialism because he cannot refute it. So instead, he’ll just go back to childishly ridiculing those who call him on it. Don’t fall for it.

Obama’s a lawyer, so let’s consult the law. If I work hard and earn money, that money is, by definition, mine to do with as I please. I please to care for my family. Now, if someone comes around and takes my hard-earned money from me against my will, that’s stealing by both the law’s and the Bible’s definition. When the government takes my hard-earned money and gives it to someone else who didn’t earn my money, that’s socialism, the political equivalent of stealing. Now Obama is saying that if I object to the government stealing my hard-earned money, that’s selfishness. That’s just nuts.

Here are some worthy quotes on the subject:

“Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.” —Milton Friedman

“Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of others.” —Ayn Rand

“Government cannot make man richer, but it can make him poorer.” —Ludwig von Mises

“The state is the great fiction by which everybody seeks to live at the expense of everybody else.” —Frederic Bastiat

Throughout the history of the world, no government has ever made anyone richer, except by pillaging another country. Obama keeps saying that he wants to help more people to get to the middle class. That’s crap. We’ve spent trillions of dollars in LBJ’s ill-conceived war on poverty. Net result: an increase in poverty and a huge national debt. The way to be successful is to work hard to better yourself. It’s that simple, and that difficult. Ask anyone who has succeeded in life. Long hours performing value-added work and dogged persistence – those are the key to success. Not government handouts, which only breed dependence on those handouts. Socialism breeds economic slavery for its victims.

I don’t care if Obama shared his toys or his sandwiches when he was in school. Good for him. So did most of us. But most of us didn’t steal the lunch money from the guy or gal next to us. That’s exactly what Obama is proposing for his fiscal policy: Make some people richer by taking other people’s hard-earned lunch money away. No thanks. I’ll keep my hard-earned money, Obama can keep the change.

John McCain proposes to grow the economy by incentivizing investment. That’s exactly how history shows that economies grow. In contrast, economies shrink by stealing from those who produce the growth, thereby disincentivizing investment. That’s Obama’s “plan” to destroy America, and it’s the wrong kind of change – a change for the worse.

Vote for Freedom, reject the tyranny of socialism.



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