Posted by: reformedmusings | October 27, 2008

RAM use in Vista, OS X, and Kubuntu Hardy

I got a chuckle out of this article on ZDNet. In it, Ed Bott compares the RAM usage in Vista and OS X with just a few simple tasks running.

In OS X, he loaded one web page in Safari and ran one MP3 in iTunes. RAM used = 581MB.

In Vista Ultimate, he loaded the same page in IE and an MP3 in Media Player with the full Aero interface running. Ram used = 594MB.

Bott’s conclusion? Vista isn’t that much of a memory hog. Hmmm. I decided to try something myself.

I loaded one page (the ZDNet article) in Firefox 3.03 w/42 extensions active, an MP3 in VLC Player with the full Compiz Fusion desktop manager running as usual. RAM used = 352MB. Certainly makes the other two look like memory hogs.

When Kubuntu Linux first comes up with nothing yet executed, it weighs in at 197MB of RAM with lmsensors loaded and running. I believe that the Vista Ultimate number is over 500MB (One user reports 600MB). From where I sit, both OS X and Vista Ultimate look like memory hogs as well as expensive money sinks.

Did I mention that Kubuntu, Firefox, and VLC Player are all free?



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