Posted by: reformedmusings | October 25, 2008

eBay seller sues over feedback

Here’s one that doesn’t need much commentary. The Times Online reports in its article eBay buyer faces libel action after leaving negative feedback that eBay electronics seller onsalexuk is suing a customer. It seems that the customer, Chris Read, received a cell phone that was: a) scratched and chipped rather than clean as advertised; and b) the wrong model. Read left what appears to be accurate feedback about that occurrence on Mr. Jones’ (onsalexuk) eBay account. onsalexuk says that the negative feedback hurt his business, even though his rating is 98.7% favorable, so he is suing Mr. Read for libel. onsalexuk did refund Mr. Read’s money for the item, but that doesn’t affect the accuracy of the original feedback. I don’t know about the laws in the UK, but in the US, libel requires false statements, not accurate ones.

Incidents like this are what keep me away from eBay for the most part. I have bought off of eBay occasionally, but I hold my breath every time that I do. If onsalexuk thinks that one negative feedback on eBay will affect his Suffolk, UK, business, I wonder what affect he thinks world-wide exposure as a seller who sues his customers over feedback will have?


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