Posted by: reformedmusings | October 14, 2008 3.0 Released

The new version 3.0 of the free and outstanding OpenOffice.0rg open source office suite released yesterday. If you go to that link, you’ll only find a text page of mirror links as I write this. 3.0 has proven so popular that the heavy downloading crashed their host website! That’s very encouraging for open source.

In case you haven’t used this suite yet, it does everything that normal folks do with an office suite, only for free. It’s truly multi-platform as there are versions for Linux, Windows, and now a native version for the Mac. You can see a few of the improvements in 3.0 on ZDNet’s Blog until the site comes back up.

If you already use, I recommend that you uninstall your older version first. I installed the Debian packages by expanding the archive to a temp directory, changing into that directory, then into the DEB subdirectory. Type:

~$ cd OOO300_m9_native_packed-1_en-US.9358/DEB/
~$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb

That will install all the program packages. Then change in to the desktop-integration directory and install the files that will integrate’s menu entries and other desktop integration files:

~$ cd desktop-integration
~$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb

That’s it. 3.0 is now installed and awaiting your bidding.

I did encounter one problem in upgrading. Apparently the uninstall of 2.4 did not remove all the file associations for Writer 2.4. Although 3.0 made all the correct associations, they came behind the old 2.4 ones for a few associations causing a disconnect. Cleaning those up proved simple in Kubuntu using the System Settings/Default Applications.

I’m a big fan of It’s all I use and it works great. Did I mention that it’s free?



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