Posted by: reformedmusings | October 5, 2008

Go see An American Carol

An American Carol provides a good, humorous romp through America’s heritage of freedom. It bars no holds as it lampoons liberal, hate-America idiocy. For me, two of the funniest segments are the Christian terrorists and the homicide bomber training video. The college professor dance wasn’t bad, either. Liberal morons might actually get an education watching the movie. Real people who know the USA’s history in winning liberty for itself and others around the world will get a good number of belly laughs. Zucker targeted the liberal morons who’d be the first ones beheaded should al Qaida win the war on terror. Then the joke really would be on them–a point not lost in the film.

Of course, liberal critics and bloggers who hate America will probably also hate An American Carol. They’ll do everything possible to bring down the ratings on the usual movie sites without ever seeing the movie. That’s what they do–produce nothing and spoil what others paid a high price to create and maintain. But if you’re a real person with a brain and a taste for the Police Story style humor, go see An American Carol!



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