Posted by: reformedmusings | October 1, 2008

Final Decision on Baby Chinese Gymnasts

This post closes out a series on the underage Chinese gymnasts who competed in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. The previous posts were:

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Now, Foxnews is reporting that the FIG and IOC have accepted the probably falsified Chinese government documents at face value. By accepting these Chinese government-controlled and produced documents, they have decided that these young girls were old enough to legally compete at the Olympics. There’s a shock. Another international organization folds to a communist power. Some things never change.

As a reminder, the Communist Chinese government lies to survive. Has any of these folks ever heard of the Cultural Revolution? Gang of Four? Tienamin Square Massacre? The original denial of SARS? The J-8/EP-3C incident? The initial cover-up of the tainted milk scandal? Oppression of Christian House Churches? I could go on for pages. This is a country built on lies and deception. The Chinese government lies like a fish sees water–it’s an unnotice natural environment that immerses them. Yet, the FIG and IOC blindly accept government documents easily forged by pathalogical liars. Go figure.



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