Posted by: reformedmusings | September 23, 2008

Denominational Renewal – Theology

In this ongoing discussion, PCA TE Jeremy Jones is in the dock this week. His topic is Renewing Theology, and you can download his 40+ minute talk here. I listened to the whole thing, taking some notes because it was so long. I must admit to being disturbed by much of what I heard on two levels. First, the favorable appeal to Reformed Catholicism (in the capitalized sense) as a base for Reformed theology. That blows my mind every time that I think about it. My second issue is that TE Jones sets up a lot of strawmen to knock down, but offers no evidence for their existence in real life. And honestly, with two weeks into this thing I’ve seen a lot of hand-waving and not a lot of specific substance as to their assumptions that the PCA needs renewal in the sense that they’ve presented it. If you don’t believe me, listen to the talks.

I have two posts in response to this lecture over at GreenBaggins. Part 1 covers TE Jones’ comments on the Roman church. Part 2 answers some questions which Dr. John Frame asked in his sympathetic response to TE Jones’ presentation.

I also find it interesting the Federal Visionists are fawning over this latest lecture on their blogs. What’s up with that?



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