Posted by: reformedmusings | September 14, 2008

Google censoring conservative political emails?

In my normal routine, I wouldn’t have caught this. But today, my Google email wasn’t sending through Thunderbird. Sometimes this happens because of Google CAPTCHAs. The workaround is to log in via browser, answer a CAPTCHA, then things will be fine for a while. Although a popular means of attempting to thwart spammers, they are easily and routinely cracked by universities and hackers. There are better alternatives. Nonetheless, I went to the web interface for Google mail to get things rolling again. I noticed that I had only 4 spam messages which seemed low, so I decided to check them.

What did I find in my spam folder? Two messages explicitly from the Republican National Committee, one from Governor Sarah Palin, and one from Rick Davis, Senator McCain’s campaign manager:

4 emails filtered by Google as spam

4 emails filtered by Google as spam

None of these messages had typical spam characteristics. What they all had in common, though, was that they all came from addresses.

Now, it’s pretty well know that Google’s supports liberal causes. That’s their priviledge in a free country. However, filtering customer emails based on its political source is just wrong. It’s impossbile for me to say for certain if the filtering was intentional, but 4/4 goes beyond coincidence in any mathematical system of which I’m aware. Google has a record of censoring conservative viewpoints in the past. I will pay closer attention to see if the email censorship continues. Stay tuned…


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